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The Inventory Management option is of critical importance to anyone selling and supporting hardware or for internal help desks that need to track equipment in inventory. CustomerFirst provides the ability to track both software and hardware in inventory as well as at customers, departments, vendors, contacts, or users. A complete history is kept for each piece of equipment (e.g., in-transit, being repaired). This allows you to analyze usage and repair frequency for each type of equipment you are supporting. This information is important to your customer support, engineering, service, MIS, and finance departments. It enables you to track equipment performance by customer, vendor, manufacturer, and equipment repair by service provider.

The Inventory Management system supports user-defined status codes and transaction types. The system provides the following standard transactions or statuses:

  • Purchase Orders,
  • Receipt of Inventory,
  • In-transit from or to the user site,
  • Being Repaired including estimated and actual completion dates,
  • Return from Repair,
  • Replacement of Equipment,
  • In-Use at user site, and
  • Obsolete.



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